Health Kinesiology

Health Kinesiology (HK) and Allergy Testing
Imagine if you could ask your body what you needed to do to enjoy vibrant health and well-being and actually have your body answer back. This is the founding principle of Health Kinesiology (HK) a well established therapy system that combines the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the modern technique of muscle testing.

Muscle testing is used to re-balance the flow of energy in the body. Muscle testing gives us information from the body which ensures that the programme generated is the most appropriate for the client. This can also be used for allergy testing.

Health Kinesiology £40 for adults for an hour, £20 for children under 18 for 40-60mins Allergy Testing £50 for adults for an hour, £25 for children.

Michelle Knights
Member of the Kinesiology Federation
Contact Number: 01694 723900