Helping Mayfair

If you shop online why not sign up for A percentage of your shopping £ is then donated to Mayfair.  It won't cost you a penny and its simple to use - create an account and each time you shop online open the Giving Machine website, sign in and click on the link to your favourite shops. This will automatically create a donation to Mayfair.

There are lots of shops listed on the website including Amazon, Sainsburys, Ebay, Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, Boots, Asda, the Train Line ...

Co-op Dividend
Become a member of the Midcounties Co-operative and donate some or all of your dividend points to "The Strettons Mayfair Trust".

Fund Raising
Local fundraising is a very important part of the work we do at Mayfair and we greatly value the generosity of the local community.

We respect that this is a sensitive subject, but it does enable you to support Mayfair by making a bequest. It's a thought ...

Mayfair Lottery
For just £12 you can purchase a lottery number for a year. The lottery is drawn monthly.

1st Prize £100
2nd Prize £50
3rd Prize £20
4th Prize £10

Becoming a Member
This is your opportunity to express your interest in and support for our work, vote on proposals, nominate and vote for trustees and help make Mayfair more democratic and responsive. The application form also gives you the opportunity to make a donation if you wish.
There is no membership fee. However, in the event of Mayfair being wound up with its debts exceeding its assets, members are required to agree to contribure a sum not exceeding £10

It is your gift of time that is valuable so if you have a particular skill or want to try something different, please come and find out more, without commitment. Ask for  Kate Slater (Volunteer Co-ordinator).