Mayfair – Church Stretton

Mayfair and the Health and Wellbeing Centre are closed to the general public until further notice. 

All classes and activities have been postponed apart from health one-to-one clinics which are by appointment only, and a small number of care related services. 

We continue to provide Mayfair Meals, in conjunction with our Good Neighbour Scheme, our hot meal service for people unable to cook for themselves. We will also be keeping in contact with people by phone and work with others to ensure people get the supplies they need.  We are working with other organisations in the area to coordinate a response. 

If anyone is willing and able to help or needs help please 

contact Mayfair 01694 722077,,

Our buildings may be closed but we are still here.

Nicola Daniels – Chief Officer

Mayfair weekly Quiz
go to the downloads page and scroll to the bottom. Week 6 is now available - along with the answers for week 5.
Good Luck!