We are open during term time and school holidays for children aged 3 months -12 yrs. Your child can stay from 30 minutes up to 4 hours*. You only pay for the time booked! Unaccompanied children can stay for a maximum of 2 hours. 

*If you or a guardian are on site. 

You can use the crèche if you are a parent or child-carer or Grandparent and:

  • you need to attend an appointment, take a short break, or are at work,
  • you are, or you would like to be a Mayfair volunteer.                       
  • you are, or you would like to be a user of any of our services or facilities.

Costs are as follows:

  • £3.65 - per hour
  • £3.15 - centre users
  • £2.50 - exercise class

Additional options:

  • £1.60 - small lunch
  • £2.10 - large lunch

The crèche is registered on Ofsted's Voluntary Childcare Register. It is run by trained staff with the help of volunteers. All staff and volunteers are required to undergo a criminal record check (DBS). We do not follow the National Curriculum and cannot accept nursery vouchers. Children play in a safe child-centred environment, and choose a wide range of activities to take part in or toys to play with.  

The crèche is open:

  • Monday 9:00 am 1:00 pm
  • Wednesday 9:00 am 1:00 pm                                                     
  • Thursday 9:00 am 1:00 pm
  • Friday 9:00 am 1:00 pm   

The above opening times are subject to bookings. 

We are however flexible and may be able to accommodate your needs at other times

If you would like to use this service or if you would like to help in the crèche, please speak to one of the crèche leaders: Julie Price or Sarah Watts

Help us keep children in the heart of our Community Centre, pop in and see us

The Beacon, Mayfair's Daycare Service


A high standard of care is provided at all times by qualified and experienced staff. Care is assessed on an individual basis maintaining and promoting independence.

Bathing - The unit has full facilities using the Parker bath.

Activities - Designed to suit all needs and interests involving small or large groups.

Events and Trips - Outings are arranged through out the year.

Lunch - Lunch and refreshments are provided by our café.

Independent Living

MAYSI and CoCo

The 'MAYSI' project is unique within the County. It was initiated by The Strettons Mayfair Trust to enable users of the Service to retain their independence. The philosophy behind this project is based upon supporting independence within an individual's home.

Who is it for? If you are:

  • Experiencing difficulties due to reduced independence?
  • Struggling to cope with everyday chores?
  • Feeling isolated and lonely at times?
  • Recovering from a recent illness?
  • Finding that Social Services are unable to offer assistance at this time?

or, if you have chosen not to engage assistance via Social Services, the 'MAYSI' Project may be able to offer support and advice with regard to your care needs.

CoCo is a team of trained volunteers who offer one-to-one support for people in their own homes. The volunteers can help in a variety of ways but do not provide personal care or do housework. They offer on-going friendship and support for specific activities.

'Maysi' covers the following areas: Church Stretton, Craven Arms, Dorrington, Bishops Castle and Clun. 

Who do I contact for further information?

Please contact the Jenny Englefield or Janet Williams by email: who will then arrange to visit you to assist in identifying your needs. This will involve completing a basic information form.

Important Note: the 'MAYSI' Project gives assistance in making contacts and arranging the most appropriate help for your needs. 'MAYSI' is part funded by Shropshire Council. CoCo was originally funded by the Strategic Health Authority.

Ring & Ride 

Ring & Ride provides door to door transport, trips to local supermarkets and vehicles for individuals and not-for-profit groups in the area covering Dorrington (North), Wistanstow (South), Picklescott (West) and Longville (East).

Maybe you need to:
· visit Mayfair, Medical Centre or Dentist
· go shopping, see the hairdresser, go to the bank or post office
· meet friends and family
· attend local clubs

Our vehicles are wheelchair accessible and are driven by trained and qualified staff and volunteers.

Ring & Ride is based in Church Stretton and can be contacted on 01694 720 025 between the hours of 9am to 4pm. Outside these hours please leave a message and we will call you back.

Who can use it?
Individuals who:
· live in a rural area not served regularly by public transport
· do not have use of a car
· find it difficult to walk moderate distances

How does it work?
Individuals and not-for-profit groups pay an annual membership fee of £20. Forms and leaflets are available at the Mayfair Community Centre, Church Stretton or by ringing the Ring & Ride office.

Book your journey 48 hours in advance
This enables us to organise collecting and dropping off our passengers at their requested destination and time. To make the best use of time and fuel we arrange for other passengers who need a similar trip to share the journey.

Costs for Individuals
If you have a concessionary bus pass most journeys will be free.

If you do not have a concessionary pass charges will apply dependant on the distance involved. For instance a journey within the 3.5 miles of Church Stretton will cost around £1.50 each way, within 7 miles will cost £3 each way and further afield £4 or more.

The following popular trips cost £4.00 with a concessionary bus pass and £8.00 without:
  • Tescos in Ludlow (2nd Wednesday of month)
  • M & S in Shrewsbury (3rd Wednesday of month)
  • Sainsburys in Meole Brace (4th Wednesday of month)

Costs for Not-for-profit Groups
Charge of £1.25 per mile with a minimum fee of £10.

Fares can be collected on the day or invoiced later if preferred.

We always appreciate any financial support that helps us continue to serve the wider community. Passengers and R&R friends are able to provide regular gifts by standing order or as one off gifts. Gifts can also be deposited in the vehicle collection boxes too. 
To book, please ring 01694 720025. This number is available between 9am - 3pm, Monday - Friday. A message can be left at all other times. 


Citizens Advice Bureau - Shropshire (CAB)
The Citizens Advice service helps people resolve their money, legal and other problems by providing free advice and information, and by influencing policymakers.
Thursday 10 - 12pm - no appointment necessary

Telephone Friends
The "Good Morning" Telephone Friends Service offers a lifeline to vulnerable, older or frail people who live alone. It operates seven days a week and it can be used for as long as it is required.
Phone Mayfair on 01694 722077.

Hearing Aid Clinic
First Friday of the month 10 - 12 am. This is a drop in service.


Jo Newton is available on a Monday.