Support Groups

2ND MONDAY  OF THE MONTH 2-3PM - Cancer Care. We meet monthly in the Jubilee Room at 2.30 pm on the 2nd Monday of each month, and usually have an invited speaker to talk on subjects which can be helpful to people with cancer. For more information please call Leslie McIntyre on 01694 723427 or visit

4TH MONDAY OF THE MONTH 2.30-4PM - Parkinsons. "The group generally meet on the 4th Monday of each month at the Mayfair Centre at 2:30 pm . The meeting usually takes the format of an interesting talk on various subjects followed by a cup of tea. Anyone is welcome. For more information contact Richard Broughton 01743 718174


LAST WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH from September 3-4.30PM - Arthritis Support Group. If you are living with Arthritis, or support someone affected, or are simply interested in the subject, do come along and see if our Group can be of interest and support to you. You will be very welcome!

2ND THURSDAY  OF THE MONTH 2-4PM- Stroke Group. For more information contact Doreen in Daycare.

2ND  FRIDAY  OF THE MONTH 2-4PM in the Jubilee Room – Alzheimer’s Society Carers Group Drop In.