18 June 2021

You’ve got a friend in us

As we come to the end of Loneliness Awareness Week, it’s worth signposting you towards the services and support Mayfair can offer for when you are feeling lonely.

If you’re finding it hard to reach out and make a connection, our carefully matched CoCo (Compassionate Communities) and telephone befriending volunteers can provide a regular point of contact, with a friendly face or voice to brighten up your week.

If you have a problem that’s weighing you down, if you don’t know who to talk to, if you feel no-one has time to listen to your story, the Mayfair Listeners can help. The Mayfair Listeners are a group of volunteers. When someone wishes to sit and chat, they are happy to do just that. But, as the name suggests, they are there to listen, in confidence, and give you their time.

And for meeting new people, making connections and getting the most out of life, check out What’s on at Mayfair. We host a selection of classes and activities, from arts and crafts and belly dancing to tai chi and Walking for Health. Take a look at the website, call us or call in for more information.

Outside of Mayfair, these are some good points of call for more guidance and support on loneliness:

The Marmalade Trust – The UK’s leading loneliness charity for all ages and the only charity in the world specifically dedicated to raising awareness of loneliness. The founders of Loneliness Awareness Week.

Let’s Talk Loneliness – A campaign born from the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage everyone to start the conversation and say it’s OK to feel lonely and it’s OK to talk about it. Take a listen to their podcast.

The Campaign to End Loneliness – The UK’s leading experts on loneliness in older age and founders of the ‘Be More Us’ movement, celebrating small moments of connection.

Mind – Mental health charity Mind has lots of resources online and a freephone telephone information line, 0300 123 3393, through which you can get more help and support.

Remember, you might be lonely, but you are not alone.