13 January 2022

Become a trustee

Mayfair is a community charity, and like most charities, we have a board of trustees at our heart. Our trustees are all volunteers who give their time, expertise and stewardship to Mayfair. They help to set our direction and goals, and ensure we’re meeting our charity objects – in Mayfair’s case this means supporting people in the Strettons and surrounding areas.

Our current board has guided us safely through the turbulent waters of the pandemic. They’ve helped us to update our Vision, Mission and Values over the last year, invested in staff wellbeing and signed off on new building projects, creating an exciting new space for the 44Bs group.

A good way to give back

We’re now looking to bring in new members of the board, bringing with them new experience and fresh enthusiasm, to ensure the future is bright for Mayfair.

Being a trustee is a great way to give something back to the community and make a real difference. Donating your skills, time and attention to something you care about can also be incredibly rewarding on a personal level.

If you’d like to express an interest or find out more get in touch, contact Claire Riley-Walshe, our Company Secretary on claire.riley-walshe@mayfaircentre.org.uk. She’ll be able to talk you through the responsibilities that come with the role as well as the rewards it can bring.

Applications will be welcomed from individuals of all ages and backgrounds. We are particularly looking to recruit trustees with experience of IT, publicity and marketing, or health and social care, but if you’ve got different skills to bring to the board table, do still get in touch.