16 July 2021

Covid policy update

From Monday 19 July, England will be moving to the final stage of easing of Covid restrictions. At Mayfair, we have been considering what this means for us and have decided that, as an organisation with responsibility for caring for our local community, this means minimal change.

For the moment, we will still be asking all those who enter our buildings (the Mayfair Centre and the Health and Wellbeing Centre) to socially distance and to wear a face covering unless medically exempt. Many of the people we support are vulnerable and we want to make sure that all of our service users feel safe and comfortable – whether they are coming in for a coffee, attending clinics or taking part in activities.

It’s lovely to see people returning to use our facilities but we want to make sure we’re heading back towards normality in a safe way. We thank you for your consideration and kindness, and will continue to review our policies through the year. Any questions should be directed towards Cathy Thomas, our Central Services Manager, at cathy.thomas@mayfaircentre.org.uk