Could you spare a few hours a month to help others?

When someone wishes to sit and chat, we are happy to do just that. But, as the name suggests, we are there to listen and you can be assured of our complete confidentiality.

Do you have a problem that feels as if it is weighing you down but you don’t know who to talk to? Do you feel as if no-one has time to listen to your story? We will listen – that’s what we’re here for.

Sometimes, when faced with a difficult situation, just being able to talk about it to someone who is not involved can help us to make sense of things, and perhaps, show a way forward. It can also take a weight off our shoulders.

A Listener will sit with you, wherever you feel comfortable, and give you their time.

When we really listen to someone, we give them our full attention, we concentrate on what they are telling us and their words are our sole focus. In today’s busy world this seldom happens, but it can make such a difference to the way we feel.

Mayfair Listeners are not there to give their opinion, or advice on your situation. They are there to listen to you.

Listeners do not offer counselling or ongoing support but, if appropriate, may suggest other services from which you may benefit.

Mayfair Listeners are a group of people who volunteer at the Mayfair Community Centre.

A Listener is present in Mayfair (or the Health and Wellbeing Centre) every weekday between 10am and 12 noon.

Notices placed around the building indicate that a Listener is present and we can be identified by the badges we wear.

Sometimes you may find us in the Mayfair Café or sitting in the Health and Wellbeing Centre.

The receptionist will be able to point you in our direction.

Please come and find us – you are the reason we are here.