21 October 2020


On 29th September Mrs Dean Harris, High Sheriff of Shropshire, visited Mayfair –  Covid Style

A small group of staff and volunteers met in the Health and Well Being centre, socially distanced in their masks, to tell the High Sheriff what Mayfair did to support the local community during lockdown. She heard about the increase in Mayfair meals take up; the more unusual enquiries that came through the reception desk; the types of support that the Maysi service was able to give, despite restrictions; how quickly the telephone befriending service was created and still continues; the wide variety of journeys and errands that the Ring and
Ride transport undertook; and the recruitment of over 100 new volunteers who were willing to turn their hand to anything to help the Church Stretton community. She was extremely impressed with everything that Mayfair does and continues to do and she thanked everyone involved.

The High Sheriff told us a little about her role. She began her one year post in April 2020 and so her first 6 months has been unusual but she has still managed to get out into Shropshire to support local communities, particularly the voluntary sector. The High Sheriff is focussing her time in office on raising awareness of domestic abuse, addiction and child poverty and deprivation, things she has learnt a lot about during her 20 years as a Magistrate in Shropshire.

Mayor, Bob Welch, then took her on to visit the CoOp, John Vine at Newsworld and then the National Trust at Cardingmill Valley.  The High Sheriff commented that she had often walked the Shropshire hills but had never properly visited the town and she was amazed by what a fantastic community we have here.