Mayfair Health Walks

What are Mayfair Health Walks?

Mayfair Health Walks are regular social walks designed to get you moving and leading a more healthy, active lifestyle.


Who are they for?

It’s for you, no matter what your age. If you don’t walk much at the moment, or wish to improve your fitness, sign up!

Why walk with us?

Walking regularly has been shown to raise energy levels, help you sleep better, improve heart health, reduce blood pressure and assist weight management.

Our walks offer the opportunity to meet people and make new friends. The groups are friendly and walking with others can improve your confidence and help put a spring in your step.

Walking with us is free and easy, no special equipment is required and you can pick the walks that suit you.

The walks

Wednesday 11am (HWC)
Gentle pace, paved or good paths, few gradients. 10–30 minutes.

Thursday 10.30am (HWC)
Paved or good paths, some gentle gradients. No stiles. Up to 60 minutes.

Wednesday 10.30am (MC)
May include moderate slopes, steps or uneven surfaces, generally no stiles. 45–90 minutes.

Friday 10.30am (MC)
Off-road, gentle pace, moderate gradients and few stiles. 1.5–2 hours.

Friday 10.30am (MC)
Off-road, moderate pace and mainly moderate gradients, some stiles. Up to 2 hours.

Tuesday 10.30am (MC)
Off-road, faster paced walk featuring hills, steep gradients and stiles. Approx. 2 hours.

Walks are free…

Walks take place at various times during the week. They either start from outside the Mayfair Centre (MC) or the adjacent Health and Wellbeing Centre (HWC).

Walks are led by trained walk leaders. You’ll never get left behind or feel you’re too slow.

They vary in difficulty, from gentle walks that are perfect if you’re recovering from illness to more demanding walks that will be sure to stretch your legs. If you’ve got any questions about which walk would be best for you, contact Mayfair Reception who will put you in touch with a walk leader.


What do I need?

You don’t need any special clothes, but it may help to wear loose-fitting clothing in layers. Some of the paths can be muddy at times, so bear that in mind and dress appropriately for the weather. Comfortable shoes are advised and it can be a good idea to bring a drink and a waterproof.

You will need to complete a Walker Registration Form before taking part. These can be obtained here, from Mayfair Reception or from a walk leader on the day.

Sorry, no dogs.