Fundraising A to Z

Afternoon tea

Always a fundraising favorite, host an afternoon tea and charge for entry.

All in a day’s work

Donate a day’s wages and ask your boss to do the same, or ask them to match whatever you raise – a great way to up your fundraising total.


Fundraising isn’t just for humans – get your animals involved too, with a pet show, tortoise race or a sponsored pet walk.


Bit of a hoarder? Have a clear out and hold a charity auction.


Ready, set, bake! Organise your own bake-off. Who will triumph and who will be left with a soggy bottom? You could sell the cakes at school or work to raise extra funds.

Brave it

Whether you’re a seasoned daredevil or want to face your fears, why not sign up for a charity skydive or an abseiling challenge?

Car wash

Organise a car wash. You could even do it in fancy dress to make it more fun. Ask your local fire station if they’d like to lend a hand!


Got a wedding, birthday or anniversary coming up? Ditch the gifts and ask for donations instead.


Organise a bucket collection at a local supermarket. Start a competition with your fellow fundraisers to see who can raise the most!

Dance till you drop

Could you organise a dance-a-thon? Set a time limit and plan in lots of different dance styles to keep everyone going – think salsa, zumba and swing!


Keep it classy with a theme, pick a national cuisine or base it on a great film. To shake it up organise your own Come Dine with Me. Who will be victorious?

Eating contest

Get sponsored to eat a huge meal ‘Man vs Food’ style or compete to see who can eat the most dry crackers. The options are bottomless!


Set up an eBay account and sell some of your clutter. Visit to learn more about selling for charity.

Eco challenge

A popular new way to fundraise. Why not get sponsored to litter pick, plant trees or have a recycling competition at work?

Fancy dress day

This is a great one to do at school and work – simply pick a theme and away you go! You could shake it up by doing a worst dressed day or let the kids pick your clothes, with awards for the most bizarre outfit.

Film screening

Host your own film night and charge friends to attend. Sweeten the deal by making your own popcorn. Feeling a bit bolder? Organise a summer screening outside (don’t forget the umbrellas).

Gaming for gold

Organise a gaming marathon, hold a retro games party or a tournament.

Go the distance

Don’t fancy swimming the Channel? How about swimming the distance in your local pool, cycling a stage of the Tour de France on an exercise bike or running a marathon on a treadmill? Do it in one stint or spread it out.

Guessing game

An easy one to set up at school or work. Guess the amount of items in the jar and win a prize.

Hairy helpers

Shave it off, dye it, wax it. Get people to sponsor you to do something wacky to your hair, eyebrows or beard – they could pay extra the longer you keep it!

Hiking challenge

How far will you go? Get sponsored to hike the length of Britain. For something a little gentler, gather friends and family to do a walk in your local area.

Indoor sports

Organise an indoor sports day with all the classic races – egg and spoon, sack and not forgetting the three-legged! Not even the rain can call off play.

International day/night

Hold a party with a specific country as the theme or mix it up with your favourite dishes from around the world. Fundraise with a raffle or ask for donations.

Jazz it!

Hold a jazz festival or night and keep everyone entertained with great music. You could even bring the golden era of jazz to life with a 1920s theme.

Jumble sale

An oldie but a goody. Gather donations from your friends and family and organise a jumble sale or car boot for Mayfair.

Kick it

Can you get sponsored to kick a habit? Give something up, whether it’s smoking, chocolate, make-up or even technology!


Getting the kids involved is a great way to make any fundraising event more fun – from a kids’ baking day to a toddler triathlon, what could you come up with?


Hold a knit-a-thon and sell what you make for Mayfair.


How low can you go? A fun one to try at the pub. Have a bucket collection or charge for each go.

Line dancing

Do something a bit different and hold a line dancing party. Kids and grown-ups will love learning the moves.

Loose change

Collect your change or set up a collection at work. You’ll be surprised at how quickly it adds up!


Sports, films, aerobics, games – what could you hold a marathon of? Get sponsored or charge entry.

Name it

Name the teddy, charge people to guess from a list of names and let the winner take the teddy home.


Use social media to maximise your fundraising. Nominate your friends to do a challenge for Mayfair too!

Obstacle course

Organise an obstacle course and have one for kids and one for adults.

Office Olympics

Bin basketball, office chair jousting, pencil javelin. Charge to compete and give prizes to the winners.

Open garden

Proud of your petunias? If your garden is in full bloom, hold an open day and charge for entry and refreshments.


Treat your friends to a pamper evening with face masks, manicures and bubbly. Ask for donations in exchange for pure relaxation.


Why not arrange a family picnic day? Bring along plenty of food to sell and organise some games to keep everyone entertained.


Organise a quiz at your local pub, at work or even at home. Make the quiz more interesting by having challenges for some of the rounds, such eatting the most chocolate with a knife and fork in one minute.


An easy way to raise money. Sell tickets and make hampers as prizes or find local businesses to donate prizes.


Love the countryside? Get your friends together for a good ramble, throw in a theme or fancy dress and raise sponsorship.

Sweets in a jar

Charge to guess how many sweets are in a jar and let the winner take the sweets home!


Hold a clothes swapping party. Everyone brings at least one quality item of clothing and you charge entry or per item bought.


X marks the spot! Make it a family fun day in the park or do a grown up version in the city. Charge a fee to enter and to be in with a chance of winning the treasure. (Gold coins go down a treat!)


Get sponsored to play Twister all day. Do this in a public place and your embarrassment is sure to bring in more donations.

Underwear overwear

A super idea – wear your undies over your clothes for the day and get sponsored by your family and friends.

University Challenge

Have people in your school or workplace compete against one another to raise funds.

Unwanted gift sale

Collect your own and others’ unwanted gifts to sell them off or hold a raffle. How many candles will you get?

Vintage vulture

Scour the charity shops and car boots to find some vintage bargains, then sell them on and donate the profits. You could keep it old fashioned with a stall or use eBay and Etsy.


Volunteer your time in return for donations. You could garden, shop, clean or offer any other skills you have.

Wax on, wax off

How much will your friends pay to hear your screams? Get sponsored to have something waxed, charge extra for your sponsors to pick the body part.

Wine and cheese

Host a classy wine and cheese night. Get local businesses to donate if you can and charge for tickets.


It’s never too early to start crafting for Christmas, use your skills and make homemade gifts to sell. Don’t have a craft? Get sponsored to learn one and publish your progress throughout the year.

Year to remember

Why not make it this year and do something special to raise money for Mayfair?

Yes day

Get sponsored to say yes for a day. Where will you end up?


Hold a zany event day with weird challenges – how many marshmallows can you fit in your mouth? Why not try a hot dog eating challenge or a water balloon war. What can you dream up?