Tai Chi

Tai Chi and Tai Chi beginners – Tai Chi classes on Friday mornings, at 9am and also 10.30am. Taiji Quan
is taichi chuan rendered in the Pinyin system of spelling Chinese which has replaced the more familiar
Wade-Giles system previously used. Yang family style taiji quan has enjoyed a high reputation as a martial
art and general health and exercise regime for more than a century and its origins are far older.
It involves moving through a series of specific postures at a slow constant pace without tension in the
body or limbs. It seeks to achieve a harmonious state of being, between movement and stillness.
People continue to practice taiji because taiji:

·      gently exercises the entire body

·      improves balance and coordination

·      strengthens muscles, joints, organs and bones

·      soothes and relaxes the body and the mind

·      helps prevent illness and heal injuries

·      enhances and regulates natural vitality

There are no belts, gradings, certificates and so forth, students advance at their own pace.
Everyone is welcome and everyone can benefit from taiji quan.

Please telephone The Mayfair Centre on 01964 722077 to enquire