11 May 2021

Volunteer spotlight – Josh

Our volunteer in the spotlight this month is Josh Sansom. Josh has long been part of the Mayfair family – he used to spend time in the creche here as a child. It was lovely to see him return as an adult, to support us in a variety of roles over nearly 10 years of volunteering.

‘I first started volunteering at Mayfair as part of my Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in 2012, helping with the Ring & Ride service. Since then, I have been involved with various activities including supporting fundraising events such as the supper club evening. More recently, at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, I became involved with Mayfair Meals and have been delivering meals to the local community once a week since.

‘Volunteering provides a welcome break from my role in Civil Engineering and an opportunity to engage with those whom I would not have otherwise have crossed paths with. I would encourage anyone considering volunteering for Mayfair to get involved, you’ll be sure to enjoy it and there is no better feeling than helping others!’