3 August 2021

Volunteer spotlight – Marcus

Our volunteer in the spotlight this month is Marcus Cash. Marcus has only been in the Strettons for a short time, but he’s already contributed a lot to the community.

‘I retired four years early from a career in teaching in 2019 and moved to Little Stretton from London. Wow! What a difference – I actually know my neighbours and I can breathe clean air!

I wanted to spend part of my retirement involved in some type of community work so giving up a little time for Mayfair seemed a logical step to take. Now I drive for Ring & Ride one day a week. What a great way to discover all the nooks and crannies in the Church Stretton area! It has proved very rewarding and has introduced me to the history of the community, the stories of the various buildings and other locations, and the many people who work in the community. It is a superb and quick way to know the area. As a result, I have also become involved in several other organisations in the town and very much relish the notion of giving something back, in a small way, to each one.

Covid-19 arrived on the scene about a year after I arrived, and I became frustrated at not being able to ‘fight back’. But as soon as we were allowed, I went back to Ring & Ride, to collect prescriptions, deliver fish and chips and help those venturing out after shielding or lockdown as they stepped back into the town – some for the first time in over a year – which was a very humbling experience.

So well done to all those driving for Ring & Ride – the community needs you! For some in the town the service is a real lifeline. Do please offer to help even if only for a few hours. I can certainly recommend to anyone the pleasure volunteering can give, even if only for an hour or two a week. There are numerous opportunities, besides Ring & Ride, so pop into Mayfair and ask – that’s all I did!’