2 April 2021

Volunteer spotlight – Gwyneth

Having moved into the local area about 10 months ago, I was looking for opportunities that would help me settle into the community, use some of my NHS skills and experience, but most importantly, help me meet new people and have some fun.

Volunteering at Mayfair has so far ticked all of these boxes.

One afternoon a week I work on the reception in the Mayfair Community Centre. Each week I see some of the now familiar faces of the many visitors who come to use the Centre. I also meet a few new faces who invariably hear the ‘northern’ accent and another chat ensues.

In addition to the above, I volunteer at MAYSI. In the new year I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a gentleman who I now visit weekly in his own home. He has a keen interest in politics and history and we enjoy talking through the week’s events and generally putting the world to rights. I feel supported in both the roles. I have been provided with training and on-going support. If I have any queries or difficulties, help is readily at hand from the core staff. Mayfair is an organisation that is interested in developing and growing, and so it is keen to hear new ideas and suggestions, and has encouraged me to put some of these into action. To sum up, Mayfair has met all of my expectations. I enjoy both roles, but the best thing is, I feel like I’m getting to know the community, and some of its people, and the time I spend at Mayfair is definitely fun.