Section 3 – Health and Safety Health and Safety (general) Policy and Procedure


The Strettons Mayfair Trust (SMT) is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for staff, clients and Volunteers.

This will be achieved through the organisational arrangements outlined within this document.


The Trust aims to achieve its Policy by implementing action to achieve the following objectives:


All job descriptions will contain reference to the health and safety responsibilities within the role. Specific responsibilities are detailed below.


SMT has a statutory responsibility as an employer to report specified incidents in accordance with the Health & Safety at work Act 1974 and the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 (RIDDOR. SMT will ensure all reportable cases of work related injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences are reported to the Health & Safety Executive in the approved manner and within legally defined timescales.

Trust Board

The Board will oversee the Centre’s performance in health and safety through receipt of an annual performance report.

The Board will approve the Centre’s health and safety policy, ensuring allocation of resources both physical and fiscal.

The Chief Officer

The Chief Officer is responsible to the Trust for ensuring all legal and statutory requirements are enforced within the Centre.

The Central Services Manager

The Central Services Manager has the following responsibilities:

All employees

Employees are required to take all reasonable care of their own safety and their colleagues.

This includes:


Policies and procedures will be written in a form which is accessible to all those expected to use them. Policies and procedures will be supplemented by health and safety bulletins, notices or handouts, focusing on key points.

The Management Structure will allow two-way discussion and exchange of information on health and safety procedures.

The Trust will meet its statutory responsibilities for communication and co-operation with outside agencies, which include:


The trust will endeavour to employ staff who have the necessary physical and mental attributes for their post.

This will be achieved through:

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