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What does Mayfair do?

‘It’s a lifeline.’

‘Offers almost everything you could wish for.’

‘Bright and friendly atmosphere offering a good range of facilities.’

‘Excellent service that provides the help and support I need in my local community.’

‘I know, any problems I have, there is someone at Mayfair who will help sort them out.’

‘The Mayfair provides essential services to some of the most vulnerable members of our community. We are so lucky to have it in Church Stretton.’



Our Café

Providing refreshments and lunches
freshly prepared on the premises.


Digital Support

One-to-one support helping users get to grips with their digital devices.


Complementary health

Workshops, talks and sessions with
accredited practitioners.


The Mayfair Shop

Secondhand books and a myriad
of new handcrafted items.




Take the Church Stretton Walkabout Quiz

Mayfair has published a Walkabout Quiz, encouraging people to get out and explore the small but perfectly formed town of Church Stretton.

The Quiz is for everyone, locals and visitors alike, and children can get involved too. It leads you on a tour of the town on a route that is accessible to all and should take just over an hour to complete, but it doesn’t have to be done all at once – you can set your own pace. It will put your powers of observation to the test and have you looking at this marvellous town with fresh eyes.

The quiz costs £5 and is available from Mayfair Reception and Church Stretton Library.

Generously put together by volunteers Christine Dunne and Sue Swallow, sales support Mayfair and the work we do in the community.